Batak History

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Beginning of the First Generation of Human

Tersebutlah the scriptures Middle East nations that Adam , who is considered as the first man and the first prophet , began to develop his generation with Eve , Human Ancestor rediscovered after didamparkan in the India of Heaven . The next generation began to give birth to several groups of the Nation . Nation Semetik then lowered Arabs and Israelis who are always fighting . Khabarnya split two nations began Prophet Ibrahim . Sham nation which became known as the Aryan race , lowering the Greeks and Romans who became the forerunner of Europe ( Hitler was the race leader who wanted to purify the nation Aryan Nations Braminik beside the chauvinistic and become the ruler of the high caste in Hindu religion ) , Nordic , Patan , Caucasian , Slavic , Persia ( Iran ) and North India ( such as Punjabi , Kashmir and Gujarat ) were white Caucasians, Caucasians and other countrymen . African Negroid peoples and nations lose some other black nation in the world such as the Dravidian Nation ( Indian skinned Black ) , Papua , Samoa , Aboriginal in Autralia , Asmat and other nationalities living in the islands of Polynesia , the Pacific Ocean . Tatars lower Mongoloid race which consists of the Mongols ; Chinese , Korean , Uzbek , Tazik ,
Kazakh , Kazan in Russia , the nation's residents Nomad North and South Poles eyed cipit , Hokkien become conglomerates and Mafia in Indonesia and the Mayans , American Indians and other indigenous people who become American continent and the second ; Ras Austronesian , which spread in Madagascar , Africa , Batak ; Proto Malayan Malayan and Neo ; Malay , Javanese and others. The spread of human populations occurred after " Tsunami " was first known as Flood Noah Flood in the U.S. . These days there is also a community of people who supposedly have a height of 15-30 meters extinct because of the flood swallowed his pride . American anthropologist in the early 20th century rediscovered this nation in the interior of Africa , but the location is kept secret by the military who are interested in taking this to the engineering community sample of U.S. troops genes . The research also aimed to revive the Nation Dinosaurs , a type of ancient animals , which also drowned because there was and was not ' fit ' included in Noah's Ark 3000-1000 BCE ( Before AD )

Batak peoples that are part of the Ras proto Malayan border to live peacefully settled in Burma / Myanmar with India . Some of the communities that later became the forerunner of the nation is a group of Karen Nation , Toradja , Tayal , Ranau , Bontoc , Meo and trio Naga , Manipur , Mizoram . The latter three are now citizens of India. Their customs and clothing accessories are still owned by the MIRP Batak clothing , such as piercings and color Ulos . Dominant nature of this race is the habit of living in Splendid Isolation in the valley of the river valleys and on the tops of mountains . They very rarely make permanent contact with immigrants coming from other communities such as community located on the waterfront , coastal , who was heavily influenced by their different ideologies , such as Hinduism ( Yang pointed out as an instance of the religious teachings of Prophet Noah AS ) , Zoroastrian , Greek and Roman styles Animism and new ideologies such as Buddhism , Taoism and Shintoism are still lasting nature and continues to be maintained by the Batak people until the 19th century . Until now , the race is expected to come from this race still maintain this habit , especially Tayal Nations , indigenous peoples in Taiwan , People Bontoc and sourdough Palawan Batak Philippine region .

1000 BC
The Mongols were known for violent and have higher technological progress thanks to their relationship that is consistent with a variety of people began to move to the south . There , their descendants call themselves the Nation Syan and then create communities Burma , Siam ( Thai ) and Cambodia which later became the forerunner of the state . Proto Malayan races start pressed . Their closure backfires because their technology is not up to date . Most of them then started to leave these areas , to travel to look for new areas and even across the ocean , where they would enjoy living in ' splendid isolation ' back . Bontoc peoples moving to the area the Philippines , to the southern United Toraja , Sulawesi .

In the Philippines , Palawan Batak is a tribe that until now make use of the term Batak . Their brother nation Tayal open area in the island Formosa , who then , several centuries after that , they annexed areas of their lives and peace terusak by the Chinese nationalists who later named Taiwan . Others , Ranau Nations stranded in Lampung . Karen nations do not have time to prepare for
migration , they left behind in the jungles of Burma / Myanmar and is still in revolt over dominance or Myamar tribe that ruled Burma . The rest , Meo Nations managed to maintain its existence in Thailand . Naga nation , Manipur , Mizo , Assamese established states in India and every year they have to fight and fight to defend their identity from the supremacy of the Aryan - Dravidian , the Indian Nations , which began to occupy the area due to over population . Batak peoples themselves , in addition to being stranded in the Philippines , most terdampat in the Andaman Islands ( now part of India ) and Andalas in three waves .

The first landed in Nias , Mentawai , Siberut Island and up to Enggano . The second wave was stranded at Simpang River estuary . They then move into rural Andalas Island Simpang Kiri down the river and began to establish a place in Kotacane . This community develops and
create its own identity called Batak Gayo . They were down the river to form Community Right Simpang Batak Alas and Pakpak . Batak Alas Gayo and then inserted into the map Dutch Aceh .

Mainstream of Batak tribe landed in Sorkam estuary . They then moved inland , the hills . Pakkat passes , Dolok bun , and plateau Tele reach the West Coast of Lake Toba . They then established the first settlement in Pusuk Buhit in Sianjur Sagala Limbong Pangururan Mulana across town now . Buhit Pusuk myth is created .

Still in the culture of ' splendid isolation ' , here , Batak Nations can develop peacefully in accordance with nature . This community is divided into two camps . First Tatea Months traditionally regarded as the oldest and the second camp ; Kubu Isumbaon which is considered the youngest in customs . While the beginning of the Nation Batak community , the amount is very small , which migrate and migration much earlier , began to realize the weakness of the culture and processing of forest products trade and make contact with
Arabs , Greeks and Romans through the port of Barus . In Egypt the results of their production , Barus chalk , used as a base preserving mummies , pharaohs god kings who have died . Surely at this time that a carrier religious life known as the Prophet Musa .

1000 BC - 1510 AD

Batak communities to grow and serve the community structure . Competition and Cooperation creates a powerful government to regulate and define custom systems . Hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ , the Prophet of Israel on Palestinian land , Sori Mangaraja Dynasty has created a powerful and advanced nation order for 90 generations in Sianjur Sagala Limbong Mulana .

The dynasty with his ministers mostly are Datu , Magician , the government set the whole nation Batak , in the area , in a theocracy form of government . Sorimangaraja dynasty consists of people with the surname Sagala branch Tatea Month . They are highly respected by the nation at the southern Batak descent from Tatea Month .

With increasing population , it decreases the land used for agriculture , which is a source of food to sustain regeneration . Then the transfer must be done to find a new location . Another reason is because of the displacement of the royal medical staff failed to eradicate the infectious diseases that have plagued residents to be a severe epidemic .
Directed movement in all directions , sebagain opening new settlements in areas in the south grove which was then named Rao , now in West Sumatra . Some of these groups down to the east , settled and open land , now known as Tanjung Morawa , Medan city on the edge of the area .

450 M

Toba region has been extensively processed and managed by the people of the kingdom. They are dominant , especially from Isumbaon stronghold , clan groups Si Ni Pohan Bagot , Annisa Pohan ancestor , son SBY , the President directly first choice RI . In this area also settled the Month Tatea minority groups that formed primarily from Lubis clan .

Most of Lubis pushed outward Toba and migrate to the south . Sebagain again settled in Toba and Uluan until now . Offspring in Medan established many social institutions , especially Pesantren Modern Darul Arafah on the outskirts of Medan .

In the South region Lubis clan group has battled the Minang people . Lost . Stop and set up ground overseas Pekantan Dolok in Mandailing fortified defenses . They are then faced with Lubu nation , nation -skinned Dravidian Black race were expelled from India , through the Andaman Islands ventured to the mouth of the Batang Toru area . Lobu nation knocked out and then settled in the forests around Muara Sipongi . When the Aryans in India as a nation put down their offense, the ' untouchable ' ; haram seen and touched , then it is almost the same fate befall
them here . Brother Lubu Nations , United Tamil migration over the centuries , from South India , piggybacking on European companies and establish the Kingdom of Malay Kampung Keling in Deli , Medan .


Batak community in Simelungun revolted and broke away from the Batak Dynasty , Dynasty Sori Mangaraja in the center . They established the kingdom Nagur . They are descendants of Batak who settled in Tomok , Ambarita and Simanindo on Samosir Island . Later on in the hands of the royal Nagur Batak Aceh Gayo establish the Islamic empire .

Simelungun merupsakan arable land due to the former lava spray . Spray lava and the clan originated from the largest volcanic eruption in the world , in prehistoric times . The explosion formed a lake Toba . Simelungun people managed to cultivate crops , besides rice into the Batak favorite plants ; Rubber Tree .

The results of the rubber tree invite arrival of other Mongoloid race who expelled them from the continent of Asia ; Chinese people who are smart boating on Swi Dynasty , 570-620 AD Among Nations in Yunnan are very friendly and more adaptable to the Hokkien indigenous and tribal peoples , tribes exiled in mainland China , which exports evil character and become pirates in the South China Sea .
Collaboration with the Chinese nation reshape maritime culture in the local community .

They set up a port city on the banks of the river Pang To Bah Bolon approximately three kilometers from the city of Commerce . The people of the Swi dynasty leaves inscribed stones in the interior Simelungun .
In the western coastal area , Barus , a maritime town which grew rapidly in the Kingdom which is now visited Batak start new sailors , especially China , Wholesalers Gujarat , Persian and Arabic . Sailors Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece are replaced by their descendants European sailors more sophisticated , DBs Arab Spain . Islam began to be accepted as an official religion by some elements of the Nation Batak traders who import fixings and other technology tools as well as to export ' Frankincense ' the only commodity that is in demand Batak world . Islam began to be known and accepted as the official religion of the people in the coastal Batak ; especially Singkil and Barus .

850 M

Harahap Marga group of Kubu Tatea Moon , former Habinsaran populations migrate en masse to the east . Settled in river flow and Barumun Kualu in Padang Lawas . This group is very hobby riding as vehicles migrate . Because of this , in a short period of time , about two years , they have mastered almost leuruh Padang Lawas area between the river and Rokan shavings . A meadow area that is particularly good for breeding horses .

Some of these groups of this clan , through Sipirok , occupying Angkola and here tradition and horsemanship mengembala gone , they go back to an agrarian community . While in Padang Lawas they became feudal rulers and slave trade began emmeprkenalkan Batak Land to the South .

900 M

Nasution clan began tebentuk in Mandailing . Several hundred years earlier , since the first years of Batak society here , allegedly at the time of the Prophet Solomon in the Middle East ( Book Ompu Parlindungan ) , with a population of immigrant assimilation has become a tradition in some places , especially those on the waterfront .

Highland population , the settlers in Natal port and Muaralabu ( known as Singkuang or by Kwang Sing Chinese spelling ) , and elements of the nation's foremost sailors Bugis from Sulawesi , who stop before sailing to trade towards Madagascar , fully assimilated with the nation's tolerance Batak .

The migrants with voluntary interaction and receive custom Dalihan Natolu order to marry local women after decades in the middle of the sea . Datu Nasangti Sibagot Ni Pohan of Toba , a respected then, uniting them ; mix peribumi residents and the migrants , forming Nasution clan .
While the power struggle going on in the Central Government of the Kingdom of hobo, Martua Sagala Raja Doli of Siangjur Limbong Mulana with troops seize territory in Samosir Lottung East . Mixing the two formed the group The Highways Lottung Sia Marina , which consists of ; Situmorang , Sinaga , Nainggolan , Pandiangan , Simatupang , Arita and Siregar .

1050 M

Because of the lack of medical equipment , the epidemic struck the area Lottung back . The community Lottung Sia Marina scrambled out of the region to areas with " healthy " . As a result , the group was divided into Marga Siregar Sigumpar Siregar and Siregar Estuary , both dwelt in Toba .

1293 - 1339 AD

Penetration of Hindus who collaborated with Java Nations established the Kingdom of Shiloh , in Simelungun , the First King Indra Warman with troops coming from Singosari . The Government Center is located at Dolok Religion Sinumbah . The crust was captured by the Batak people and it became the forerunner of the kingdoms Simelungun with a separate identity began with Batak . Silo 's kingdom consists of two levels of society ; The elite consisting of the Javanese noble and Society consists of a group of Highways Siregar Silo .

1331 - 1364

In the archipelago , the Majapahit Empire arose to be a superpower country . Previously , sebagain Western Europe and Eastern to Kazan, Russia , Central Asia and North Africa and the Middle East certainly dominated Arab power which also dominate the Indian Ocean , the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sebagain .. Persian - Mongol force looks at India , Pakistan ,
Bangladesh and parts of China and Indo - China , and some islands of the archipelago , they are not strong in the sea . China dominate most of the Pacific Ocean in particular the South China Sea . Meanwhile in Europe the interior man is still alive in the Greek and Roman influences are animists , they then become pirates and pirates . In Hokkien dominate the archipelago area network ' robber ' pirates are sometimes more powerful than small kingdoms wither . The European pirates occasionally diboncengi Jewish Fundamentalists and newcomers ; west of the Trinity Church opposite the Unitarian Church and put eastern resentment over the Arab glory .


Amphibious forces in the kingdom of Majapahit to penetrate the mouth of the shavings. Began the invasion of the Kingdom of Silo efforts . Indrawarman king was killed in the raid . Silo royal mess , hiding royal Haranggaol .
Mojopahit troops under the command of Prime Minister Gajah Mada , raging and destroyed several other kingdoms , the kingdom of Haru / Wampu and Kesahbandaran Tamiang ( now Tamiang ) who was then the territory kedulatan Samudra Pasai . Samudra Pasai forces , under the command of Commander of the Faithful Mula , down to the scene and managed to ambush troops Majapahit in Tamiang river swamps . Gajah Mada bersma bodyguards fled to Java, leaving his army besieged by enemy forces . The Descendants Indrawarman back to the kingdom and establish a new kingdom called the Kingdom Dolok Sioło and United Kingdom Kahean .

From 1339 to 1947 .

Silo Dolok kingdom and Kingdom Kahean acculturated into the kingdom of Batak / Simelungun , but still distinctively Hindu / Javanese absolute . This kingdom is said to stand for 600 years . Being the oldest dynasty in the Indonesian archipelago in the 20th century . About 250 years older than Mataram dynasty in Java .

At the same time two other kingdoms emerged surface ; kingdom Siantar and Java. King in the Kingdom Siantar a descendant Indrawarman , while the island of Java , led by Raja Marga Sinaga of Samosir . Java Naming ground to commemorate Indrawarman .


Siregar Marga group migrated to South Sipirok in Batak Land .

1416 - 1513

Chinese forces under the command of Admiral Haji Sam Po Bo , Ceng Ho , the carrier force landed at Muara Labuh in Batang Gadis River estuary . One of their missions ; pursue the bandits Hokkien achieved . Before leaving , the army numbered Cengho ribuah was established wood processing industry and also opened the port Sing Kwang ( Singkuang = New Land ) .


Chinese people who are Muslims began arriving to Sing Kwang and assimilated with the particular group Nasution clan . The Chinese are buying Meranti Wood from local businesses and sends them to mainland China for raw materials pole palaces , temples and other places of worship .


Islam became the official religion of Batak Toba people , khsuusnya of Marpaung clan groups who live in the river shavings. Similarly, the Batak Simelungun who settled in range , Review , Trade , Airport , Tanjung Rafters , Bedagai , Purba Build dab River Reef . Changes occur in the constellation of world politics . The European pirates started looking for a new operating targets in the archipelago and forth through the International merchants ; Arab , African , Indian , Gujarati , Punjabi , Yunnan and of course the local pirate groups ; Hokkien .


Marpaung Marga group became the main commodity supplaier salt to Batak land on the east coast . ' Splendidi Isolation ' Hobo Nation began to unfold . Be positive but not negative entrance . The first mosque established by indigenous locals in rural Batak Land ; Porsea , approximately 400 years before the first mosque established in Mandailing . Following after the mosque was also established along the river between Porsea shavings and Tanjung Balai . Each be some kilometers as a haven for
Batak - traveler traveler who wants prayers . Mosques was developed , other than as termpat worship , also home to trade commodity transactions . Anyone has the right to buy , there is no religious discrimination . Between Islam and Religious Tolerance SMRaja lasted so close and cordial .

Royal Haru / Wampu the population Karo Batak people was invaded by the Sultanate of Aceh . In the subsequent political developments of the descendants of King Haru / Wampu establish a new empire that became the forerunner of the Sultanate Langkat .


Sultanate Haru / Delitua still exist in the area of ​​the river water but kedulatannya Deli Sultanate of Aceh are in authority . Karo Batak residents are already converted to Islam . After weakening the dominance of the Sultanate of Aceh , was transformed into the Empire Deli Sultanate .

Group of pirate Europe after a long ostracized because of temperament ' garongnya ' started introducing ourselves to the kingdoms of the archipelago as ' merchants of peace ' . This tactic was taken so that they can penetrate to the kingdom for mapping and determination of the points of attack to ' divide et impera ' .


Sori Mangaraja dynasty , based in Sianjur Limbong Mulana , ousted by the Highways Group Manullang . Triumph of this dynasty , after 90 generations of successive reigns , disappeared . This dynasty itself consists of a group of camp Tatea Marga Sagala Month .


In South Batak area , with a population Tatea Moon , Dynasty Sori Mangaraja continue its influence in Si Pirok . The de jure recognized by the Highways Siregar , Harahap and Lubis . The majority are Nasution clan also gives recognition to the ruling dynasty Sisingamagaraja Batak lands beyond, based in Sherborne , did not receive a thorough recognition .


Sultanate of Aceh seize the port - resurfacing Andalas Island west coast , to be used as a new path to the Moluccas international trade via the Sunda Strait . Portuguese pirates and take action to close the footpads in the Straits of Malacca . Portuguese began bringing religious hatred to the archipelago ; prohibits religious discrimination applied by Islamic traders via Malacca . Chinese Islam , Arabs and residents are victims of abuse archipelago European style .

Influence internationalization port in Andalas , locals Batak at that location ; Singkil , Pansur , Barus , Sorkam , Gulf Sibolga , Kwang Sing Christmas and embraced Islam after some elements already embraced it . Tanjung Marga group in Pansur , clan Pohan in mothballs , Coal in Sorkam left , Pasaribu in Sorkam Right , in the Gulf Hutagalung Sibolga , Daulay in Sing Kwang is the first Islamic community run by fanatic Islam .


Hutagalung community with horse caravans became an important merchant community that connects Silindung , Humbang Hasundutan and Pahae . Silindung Hutagalung clan in the local mosque established both in Silindung . In Germany , Protestants break away from the hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church .


The Europeans can not wait to loot the nation. Karo Muslim sultanate at Haru / Delitua destroyed by the Portuguese . Princess Queen of Green , who has a familial relationship with the kings of Aceh , were killed . While chanting the queen tied the cannon's mouth blown up . The brutality of war was introduced by the Europeans .


Sisingamagaraja dynasty ( BC King ) appear as the supreme authority in the Land of Batak , replacing Sori Mangaraja Dynasty .


Rangkuti clan formed . Consists of Javanese / Minang take political asylum in Mandailing result of political change in the Kingdom Pagarruyung in Minagkabau .


Local intellectuals began to appear to the surface . Abdulrauf Fansuri known as scholars and intellectuals in the science of jurisprudence , politics and other social sciences . Some theories , among others ; Elimination difference between the Heads of State and Religion . Raja is a royal and religious authority . He requires that the King who will assume office is not down
hereditary but elected by the people . Sovereignty is in the hands of the people . This theory was accepted by the Sultanate of Aceh and Java .

Aceh , in its expansion , master Fansur glory and destroy the port . Two hundred years after the dynasty Sori Mangaraja rebuild and give a new name ; Ports ' Burnt ' . Europe began to rise through a period of darkness . Like a starving nation they scattered to all corners of the world to build their countries . United Nations first began making pertapakan in Port Buts Na Uli on the edge of the bay Sibolga . This point is very supportive to the fulfillment of their logistics to plunder other parts of the archipelago . Evil ambition that can not be guessed by the local population .

Cultural exploitation slavery gets worse by the presence of European parties . Hospitality Batak people in Batang Toru , Puli , Situmandi and Sigeaon manipulated , they are then traded as slaves . Some areas of the archipelago began subjugated by European ruse . War between the kingdoms became very intense ; due Divide Et Impera . Dutch began to map their operations on the ground targets Batak after mastering Java and several small kingdoms in the archipelago .

Haji Hassan Qadhi degree Malikul Nasution with Adil became the first Batak pilgrimage in Mecca .

Faqih Muhammad Amiruddin Sinambela , became the first royal dynasty of the environment Sisingamangaraja who perform the pilgrimage to Mecca . This information is obtained from a family record , reads Arabic , Marga community Sinambela Sisingamangaraja in Singkil descent . ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan )


Dutch spy elements began to infiltrate the Land of Batak mission ; mapping the area and determine the strengths and artillery firing points at the centers of power Batak land . General Muhammad Amiruddin Sinambela Fakih , degree Tuanku Rao , chief Padri , to spread its influence in South Batak Land .


Islam is growing rapidly in Mandailing with university development , commercial centers and Islamic culture .


Commander Fakih Sinambela Sisingamangaraja X clashed with his uncle , King Dynasty Sisingamangaraja in North Batak area . European elements mapped Sisingamaragaja Dynasty forces . One of them ; Modigliani managed to find info about privacy Teacher Somalaing , one Parmalim religious intellectual , Batak religion at that time .

Batak people are poor and desperate with cholera manipulated Netherlands as the anti - authority SM Raja . Some kingdoms huta rewarded with the recognition that becoming a puppet kings who rebelled . Sisingamangaraja sovereignty credibility at the grassroots thinning , dikempesi the Europeans . For the umpteenth kalianya epidemic infectious diseases plagued the population . European and Dutch elements in
east coast of Sumatra to exploit the situation .

Sisingamagaraja feud culminated X and Fakih Sinambela . Fakih Sinambela forces commando forces Jatengger Siregar dealing with Sisingamangaraja X in Dnipro after stalemate in negotiations .

Command Center in Siborong - borong with Sinambela Fakih command Commander ordered his troops to bury his uncle in BC Dnipro Kings X at the royal funeral honor guard and protect her offspring . Fakih Sinambela rejected his uncle became Sultan in Batak Land . They retreated to the South . Sisingamangaraja XI Majesty ascended the throne .

Fakih Sinambela maid , my lord Mansur founded the Sultanate Marpaung shavings on the east coast
Sumatra .

Holland knows that coastal regions of West Sumatra as Pariaman , Tiku , Bangis Water is a strategic area that has been controlled by the Padri , the Netherlands has been divided forces to seize these areas . In the face of the Dutch attack , then forced Padri who were under the leadership of South Tapanuli Sinambela Fakih ( Tuanku Rao ) and lord Tambusi sent to deal with it . Fierce fighting broke out in 1821 and died as a martyr Sinambela Fakih in Air Bangis . Padri forces of resistance against Dutch urn forwarded it to my lord Tambusi leadership .


Thomas Raffles , British general , interested in pitting the kingdoms in Sumatra . The idea ; Aceh Islam and Minagkabau separated by Batak Christian Community . Batak lands should , according to the terms Ompu Parlindungan , "Christianized " ; acceptable or not . This policy emulated by Raffles of Lord Moira , the British Governor General in Calcutta who managed to weaken the kingdom " Dehli " Islam in India, Burma and Thailand Buddha Budda must be separated with a Karen Christian nation .

To that end , the British sent teams to the site of the royal priest . In Tapanuli sent several people there , as follows ; Reverend Burton in charge dominate Batak language and translating the Bible into Bahasa Batak , acting as mission leader . Reverend Ward , a doctor who examined the influence of penuakit contagious , an epidemic that affects people of Batak . Reverend Evans , served to establish schools pro - European .

All three are in the infiltration of the expedition team of British troops in the Land of Batak who will work as a priest in order not to have been rejected in most of the Batak society that has embraced Parmalim , religion SM King , in royal centers Batak .


Defence Humbang SM King , the ' splendid isolation ' and closed to unauthorized parties , is very strong and can not be infiltrated , the port of Barus free from intruders .. The team only managed to get through the beach area Angkola Sibolga and predominantly Muslim and openly . Ward Burton and managed to enter the Land of Batak , through the port of Sibolga where some communities settled British trade , combing the jungle and reach the Valley Silindung . Mission accomplished . But when will infiltrate into Toba , the center of social life hobo, Ward gave instruction to withdraw . Cholera epidemic still raged in Toba and Humbang . Ward Burton and retreated to Sibolga . From here ' character assassination ' against warlords waged Padri . The feud between the invaders for control of emerged Batak Land . British replaced the Dutch in Tapanuli , as per the Treaty of London ' . British ministers were expelled . Those who had managed to enter the territory of the chief privacy is accused of conspiring with the Padri .


BC Kings XI , having ascended the throne began to organize the life of its people . In some areas of the construction is done . Overseas diplomatic relations with the Sultanate of Aceh braided back . Mr. King began
aware of the presence of the element - elemn intruder who intends to dominate and negate the sovereignty of the Nation and the Batak . Raffles Dutch forward policies can not accept ; Nations Batak even military cooperation with Aceh .

Developments in the field of social development and education increased . Empire began to work on the writing of history in the Batak ' Archive Bakkar ' as thick as 23 vol . A total of half a meter thick . The majority of the laws , traditions and royal life . A business that provides a good dampat against the king's authority and credibility of public life , but was already too late . The elements of the people who are desperate with a cholera epidemic that has many pro - Dutch .


Dutch troops begin to land an expeditionary force under the command of Major Eiler , Christmas and raised in the king became king puppet with a degree ; Regent van Mandailing . Minang elements monks eradicated .


Forces Colonel Elout master Angkola and Sipirok . Sipirok be a stepping stone to demolish Toba . The maps hotbed already collected previously by the intruder and the team of people with European move freely in Batak ordered Colonel Elout pastors Dutch soldiers , who worked under him in the army , among others ; Pastor Verhoeven to prepare herself to Christianized native of North Batak Land . Verhoeven obliged to mingle with the natives and learning Batak .

Eliot through his brother , his sister , in Boston , USA , the team requested additional mission of the American Baptist Mission ( ABM ) . This request was funded by Clipper Millionairs based in Boston with the compensation they can master the export and import activities in Batak the potential at that time .

A quarter century later , Hamburg Millionairs finance ministers of Barmen to Christianize the Land of Batak , the results since 1880-1940 , in the past " Reinische Gesselschaft Missions " , the entire export and import trade flows in the Land of Batak monopolized by " Hennemann Aktions Gessellschaft " . Expected , post- World War II total nasionalpun entrepreneurs can not afford to approach 10 percent of trading volume " Hennemen & Co. , " used in Batak . ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan )


Mandailing community suffers with the Dutch after several attempts to defend themselves , failed . Exodus to Malaysia started . Batak diaspora communities abroad formed . In Malaysia , Mecca , Jeddah and so forth .


ABM sent three people to the Land of Batak pastors . Namely: Reverend Lyman Munson , Ellys . Colonel Elout put Ellys in Mandailing to Christianize the Muslim community there . Lyman and Munson went on the trail and Ward Burton .
Lyman and Munson entered Toba with a translator , Jamal Pasaribu . There they were welcomed . But after shooting dead an elderly woman by Lyman , the local king , King Panggulamau resist their presence . Shooting an old woman , who incidentally, namboru unacceptable king by the king . Lyman and Munson got the death penalty by a local court .


Dutch Military Government in South Batak land permanently established . Headquarters complex of the Netherlands established the following housing park military leaders .


Dutch military forces grow stronger . West Sumatra can be mastered . Mandailing , Angkola and Sipirok be " Direct Bestuurd gebied " , Raja Sultan Gadumbang not be made ​​by the Government of the Dutch colonization , but lied and was only given the title " Regent Her Voor Leven " . Batak society leaders of Islam who do not submit to the Netherlands in various areas , exterminated . Silindung into " Residente Air Bangis 1973 and Toba , which has not been subdued , incorporated in 1881 . Other kingdoms associated with Toba kingdom can not
do much to help . European hegemony can not be unstoppable . Humans in the archipelago just waiting to fall prey to Europe . Batak kingdom isolated and weakened . People have many pro-Dutch .


Batak land borders safe harbor only Singkil and Barus and land border with Aceh . Sisingamangaraja XI following the Military Education in Indrapuri , Aceh Sultanate .


Aceh sends an army under the command balayon Teuku Nangsa Sati to Toba . Together with Venerable Sisingamangaraja XI , Teuku prepare guerrilla strategy planning . Established guerrilla commandos . Defense to deploy troops is not possible . This tactic is very confusing in 1873-1907 the Dutch imperialists .


Crown Prince , Prince Parobatu , satau only son born Sisingamangaraja XI .


Missionary of the Dutch Calvinist " Farmer Church Ermeloo / Holland " ( GPE ) with intense missions in South Batak Land . They are; Reverend Van Asselt at Parausorat , Sipirok , pastor Dammerboer in Hutarimbaru , Angkola , Reverend Van Danen at Pangarutan , Angkola and Pastor Betz in Bungabondar , Sipirok . Mission ; fails . Batak Muslim community who are not powerless in the mastery of the Dutch refused to be converted . Netherlands , not perplexed, Christianization mission entrusted Batak of North and South Germany to pastors , " Reinische Gesselschaft Missions " ( RMG ) , which menganggunr in Batavia , since driven out of South Kalimantan oelh Prince Hidayat .
Dutch priest connect Fabri , RMG leader in Germany with Witteveen pastor , leader of the GPE . GPE caving , Tanah Batak retreated from the South , because the funds out run . With the flood of corporate funds Hennemann & Co. , RMG start the mission again to immediately attempt to master the Dutch Batak land and devastated Aceh on the other end .


At the date of October 7, 1861 , in the parsonage van Asselt meeting held jointly by Dutch priests are already active on the ground Batak pastors bersamam newly arrived German . Meeting closed by pastor Klammer results ; Leadership Christianization Batak land have passed from hand to hand Dutch Reverend Pastor Germany . Dutch pastor Dammerboer and van Dalen did not like his position subordinate to a " Moffen " , Germany . They cease to be a pastor .


Can not wait to master the Dutch agricultural lands are still owned Land Batak Sisingamagaraja XI . To attack frontally Netherlands on the other hand have not been able to because of their domestic and many have exhausted unutuk quell uprisings , meanwhile , kerajaankerajaan natives are unaware their advantage .

Dutch then apply the Divide et impera policy of the east coast with Zelbestuur , meaning self-government . Batak land broken down into :
1 . Tapanuli residency . Direct Bestuur gebied , a local Civil Service .
2 . East Sumatra , Zelbestuurs gebied , unoccupied .
3 . Batak region , Singkil , Gayo , Alas and at the request of the commander of the Dutch army in the Township , put in Aceh .

Batak into unoccupied areas are mixed with Malay broken down as follows :
1 . Langkat Sultanate , in the kingdom of Karo , Aru / Wampu in the Karo , Hamlet
2 . Deli Sultanate , Sultanate former Haru / Delitua .
3 . Serdang Sultanate , in the former kingdom of Dolok Silo , Simelungun up to Lubukpakam .
4 . Bedagai district , removed from the Kingdom Kahean , Simelungun . Under the leadership of Tengku holds authority .
5 . Shavings sultanate founded by lord Mansur Marpaung given legal recognition .
6 . Royal Pinang City , with a majority Muslim population of Batak established with leadership
Alam Dasopang the title lord Pinang City .
7 . Small kingdoms and did not have the power created , such as Merbau kingdom , Panai , etc. If the purpose of breaking down the power of the Batak people in boxes religion , region and economic interests .
8 . Silo and Kahaen Dolok kingdom broken three .
9 . Tanah Karo in mountainous areas created Sibayak kingdom .
Parties entered into Aceh Gayo and Karo Batak people and can no longer defend Simelungun Dynasty Sisingamangaraja struggle because they consider themselves each have a different nationality . The Dutch master each check point , to isolate and restrict people every royal border crossers . Economic power , the practical , the Dutch dominated . Soil strength Batak reach their weakest point .


Nomensen pastor from entering Sipirok Silindung . North Batak Land Christianization started and done very systematically . Target to southern Batak , Batak Muslim areas , reduced . With the backing of a king , Pontas Lumban Tobing , who was pro-Dutch , a first church was established in Hutadaman , Silindung . ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan )


Prince Parobatu , for two years , following the Military Education in XXV / Mukim , in the Sultanate of Aceh . After graduation , the prince also membahwa souvenirs ; Assistance Forces combatants of Aceh , to Sherborne .


Cholera disease infecting more. The Kingdom of medical personnel failed to stem this epidemic . The Noble Sisingamangaraja XI died from cholera . Parobatu prince ascended the throne became Sisingamangaraja XII with Bosar Patuan title . As a result of this epidemic , high intensity grow Christianization mission . Frustrating the people who throng to the Christian Community in Hutadame .


Sisingamangaraja XII reigned for 17 years in Sherborne . According to the chronicler of Dutch pro , Sisingamangaraja ruled with an iron hand , to maintain the Batak Throne Pagan Priest Kings who had ruled for 12 generations after Mangaraja Sori Dynasty . This information is of course to divert the attention of the Batak people in the future who will feel the loss of their beloved ruler Batak .

Furthermore , the authors of the accused against the totalitarian Sisingamangaraja XII Dutch government , as well as against the infiltration of Christianity brought by German priests . They added that because that's the Batak people who are Christians ( and lebih2 again that Islam is ) certainly do not want to admit a Batak Pagan Priest King .

Netherlands , with resentment over authority Sisingamangaraja XII , deliberately planting the seeds of division and dissension in the community to be harvested by future generations of Batak . Post- independence Indonesia , seed decay and no results. Batak people live peacefully in religious tolerance . King Huta , Pontas Lumbantobing in Saitnihuta , Silindung , became antipode of Sisingamangaraja XII , maharaja in the Huta Huta - Batak . ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan ) .

In North Batak established schools with large numbers Dzending School . However , for the sake of imperial mission , discrimination is applied . Children from Sintua , church elders , priority Missionary school . To be Sintua , one must prove themselves obedient to the Christian . The North Batak land oranng belomba - race became Sintua . ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan ) . Position Sisingamangaraja XII loses legitimacy and the support of people who have been Christians for vying to become Sintua ( ditto ) .

Population Dairi , Pakpak and Simsim still be loyal followers Sisingamangaraja XII . In a battle with the Dutch , the capital of the kingdom which has been marked by the team before the intruder an easy target Dutch troops . Artillery attacks forced Sisingamangaraja XII , with a special escort from the Gayo people who become commandos of Aceh , Aceh Sultanate given forces , took refuge in Dairi and launch an attack from the jungle there . ( 1884-1907 ) . Meanwhile the commander commanders still loyal , defensive efforts to put a halt to the Dutch army .


A study conducted by the Reverend Ellys in Mandailing find some obstacles , as well as the cause , the Christianization mission . ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan ) Flow Baptist , is a group of very few in the world . Break away from the Baptist Roman Catholic Church , the first Protestant than his Martin Luther in 1517 . Baptist Christianize adults with self menyemplungkan way , the whole body , in the river . As well as by Johannes Baptist before Jesus . Amerina Baptist Misson and Mission British Baptish no longer willing to fund a pastor in Mandailing and devout Muslim . According Parlindungan , Romanov dynasty , in Russian religion . Catholic Orthodox Christians . But in Ukraine there is a little stream called the Baptist Dutch descent ; Mennoniets , because they are the descendants of Menno Simons . Baptist , Doopsgezinden , in the Netherlands exhausted exterminated by Protestants , in the period 1568-1648 .

People fled to the Dutch Baptist Ukarina . There, they are protected by the Romanov dynasty , for their brilliance in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry . Romanov dynasty when it was busy planting in the entire Asian influences , ranging from the Dardanelles Strait , down to Vladivostok . Romanov then set Mennoniet pastors departure from Ukraine to Mandailing 1869-1918 .

Mandailing church founded in 1838 overhauled and replaced with the Russian Church Basilyk models , complete with onion -shaped top , 1869 . Mission pastor Mennoniet end because even this fall Russian Tsar who were massacred by the Communists . Iwan Tissanov pastor , priest last seen of this genre then moved to Bandung .
Padri forces descendants surnamed Lopez , Kalirancak Lubis and Jamandatar Lubis , who had seized control of the capital Toba and Sherborne , under the leadership of Commander Muhammad Faqih Amiruddin Sinambela , nephew of S. M. Kings X , a Lutheran Protestant Christianity in HKBP ( Batak Christian Protestant ) . One of these heroes is Martin Lopez Medan 1947.


Political map population Batak land :
In the Land of Batak South ; 90 % Religion Muslim, 10 % are made ​​up of Shiite Muslim , Protestant and Baptist .

In the Land of North Batak ; 90 % of Indigenous Religious Monotheists Sisingamangaraja ( Parmalim or Sipelebegu ) with Sisingamangaraja as King and Religious Leaders and Debata Mula So Nabolon ( God , the Creator and Supreme Court ) as God . While 10 percent longer ; Muslims and Protestants in Silindung .


A mosque in Tarutung , Silindung , overhauled by the Dutch . Hajj - pilgrimage and Muslims , mostly , from the clan Hutagalung , driven from their ancestral lands and heritage in the Valley Silindung . Dutch ethnic cleansing , against Muslim Batak . XII Sisingamagaraja patience is running low , improved offensive action . Stairs Stone II battle erupted . Sisingamangaraja XII wounded , shot and bleeding . Dutch mengumunkannya all over . The goal , in order to respect and trust the Batak people against their king , King XII BC , shake . In the same period , with more troops , mostly consisting of coercive forces of other colonies ; Halmahera , Madurese and Javanese , Dutch SM Raja cripple a fighting force . Traces only for defensive strength . Of plateau Humbang ( now in the district. Humbang Hasundutan ) Sherborne Heavy Artillery bombarded with weapons , but the Dutch are still afraid to attack infantry .

1881 M

Toba formally occupied Netherlands . Balige placed in Controleur B.B. Laguboti Detasement Army stationed in the Netherlands . Reverend and Reverend Balige Pilgram in Bonn in the estuary began to Christianize the population who have given up and helpless . Meanwhile , the Dutch army reinforced and Laguboti be Garnizon Fixed . King SM forces began to lose the supply of arms and ammunition from the two weapons factories in both places , which dibagun the transfer of technology from the Sultanate of Aceh .


Sisingangaraja XII in the capital Dnipro increase their vigilance in an effort to deport offensive and do business elements of the Dutch , who hacked away and expose the weakness of the kingdom, and the German pastors out of the sovereign territory of the Land of Batak .

His Excellency , Patuan Bosar , promising the money as much as 300 ringgit bird for every person who beheaded a priest Germany by bringing evidence of a beheaded head ( Tuanku Rao ; Ompu Parlindungan ) . Especially Pastor Bonn in Muara , passing and lurking in the area between Sherborne and Balige that was too close to the center of power Patuan Bosar .

Destor Nasution , the son of Jarumahot Nasution Hussni bin Tuanku aka Lelo , became pastor . Tuanku Lelo is one of the army of Islam Padri who seize Sherborne in the era of S. M. King X.
Destor is the first Batak who was ordained a priest of Highways Nasution . My lord father Lelo is Malikul Adil Qazi , Minister of Justice in the government Padri , and the Batak first pilgrimage to Mecca , 1790. XII Sisingamangaraja forces with the remnants of his strength to launch a frontal attack Muara .
Goal . Toba reclaim land , and expelled the Dutch in Laguboti . Bonn pastor and his wife managed to escape .

Dutch replied , Sherborne besieged by artillery bombardment and infantry combat . Dnipro capital city , was devastated . S. M King moved to Tamba and organize attacks from there . Special forces from Aceh still loyal protect ' Sri Maharaja ' Patuan Bosar . Popular support reappear when I heard Princess Lopian Boru Sinambela patriotism since the age of 11 years who always accompanied his father , S. M. King XII , National Hero of Indonesia. Specifically princess always perform a ritual to ask for help from Debata Mulajadi Na Bolon . Looking at the people who started opposing opinion , the Dutch did not accept. Charisma of the Princess in the weir with an iron fist . Talks about S. M Raja and his daughter would receive a prison sentence . As a result, the people gradually forget again , whether or not the king is still struggling . Intimidated the people to talk about the king . War ideology .


Padangsidempuan became the capital of Air Bangis residency .


Sisingamangaraja XII , National Hero of Indonesia to continue the heroic war against the invaders of the Dairi . Without any help from the people in the Toba Silindung Sintua busied himself for his son to be accepted at the Missionary school .


The capital was moved to Sibolga Tapanuli residency .


Joint forces commander and XII Sisingamangaraja bodyguard of Aceh besieged in Dairi wilderness . Very fierce battle took place . In an effort to help her daughter injured , Sisingamangaraja XII , title Patuan Bosar , Ompu Pulo Batu Raja , died mowed Netherlands . His body was chopped up and dumped in the woods so as not to be seen by the Batak are bound to cause great resentment . According to other sources , remains were buried in Balige or Parlilitan . Still need to be debated . Descendants B.C. King of surviving captivity and kept away from society for not
provoke emotional ties with the Batak people . Them in captivity and exiled to a remote monastery . in
There they die one by one . According to another story , before they die dipabtis .


Development of Islam , which is not allowed the Dutch to taste education , even though reciprocation policy post , then got set up universities Mustofawiyah . Pointed out as the school 's first indigenous Batak land that has a modern and systematic . Mustafa Haji Husein New Purba , from the clan Nasution , the originator of this college . He , who is known as Tuan Guru , a disciple of Sheikh Muhammad Abduh , a reformer and rector of Al- Azhar University .

Musthofawiyah college graduates are then spread and set up the other universities in various regions in Batak . Humbang Hasundutan on the ground in Toba , Toba Isumbaon alumni who founded the University of Al Kaustar Al Akbar in 1990 after establishing other universities in Medan in 1987. Tatea Month Batak area in the South is central to the development of Islam in North Sumatra . HKBP himself had become the largest Protestant church in Asia . The church founded Angkola derivatives , Karo and Dairi in various places in Indonesia. Similarly, in the Sultanate of Langkat , the descendants of Ali lord Jatengger Siregar title Milky establish ' Lilbanaad College ' .


Dnipro secured archive pastor Pilgram


Jong Batak is an element of youth oath . Batak people without different regions , clans and religions united expel the Dutch .


Batak land is part of independent Indonesia .

From the above discussion we can conclude that ;
1 . Batak tribe comes from Ras Proto
2 . Descendants of Batak people do not just come from the Moon and Raja Guru Tatea Isombaon ( sattabi oppui ) but comes from some other kingdom . However, because the first dynasty a more rapid development so that people consider Batak clans originated from Master Tatea Moon and King Isombaon ( sattabi oppui ) until now .
3 . Other Batak tribes came from , the various regions .
4 . Margamarga in Lampung , Kalimantan Dayak halak dohot halak Toraja in Sulawesi . Palawan in the Philippines Pulo na pe Adong do mandok halak nasida Batak .
5 . Batak tribe is everywhere in various regions in indonesi even abroad who have settled there .
6 . Batak people already spread to various regions before the royal Master Tatea Moon and King Isombaon ( sattabi oppui ) and joined the other Batak kingdom is in other areas and create new clans .
7 . Unfortunately many Batak people who have long settled in other areas , they do not make a party of his clan so sustained up to her grandchildren so that her grandchildren did not know his pedigree . And likely to marry with his brother ( the family name ) because it does not know what he's clan .

This conclusion is supported by the following theory :
Margamarga in Lampung , Kalimantan Dayak halak dohot halak Toraja in Sulawesi . Palawan in the Philippines Pulo na pe Adong do mandok halak nasida.Dung manang sadialeleng Raja Batak Batak manosor in Sianjurmulamula , ma in bortian child alone lahilahi dibahenma goarna " Toga Datu " . Dung dapot tingkina martinodohon Toga Datu paidua child alone ma muse , dibahenma goarna " Toga Sumba ( King Isumbaon ) " , nets anakna siampudan dibahenma goarna " Toga Sea " .

Pomparan Toga ni Datu na margoar muse Teacher Tateabulan ima na sude margamarga Adong in Borbor Marsada dohot Lontung . Pomparan sude ni ima King Isumbaon margamarga in pinompar ni Mr. Sorimangaraja : Nai Ambaton / Ompu King Nabolon , Nai Rasaon / King Mangareak dohot Nai Suanon / Mr. Sorba Dibanua .
Pomparan ni Toga Sea laho tu na Karo , dohot Gayo Alas pomparan ni gabe marsada dohot King Asiasi , enter margamarga na Adong in dohot Gayo Alas ; ima clan Sekedang , Selian , Ciberou , Pinem , Munte , Karo in Alas ; mesh genera ( Mergo ) Ciberou , Bobasan ( Batak na 27 ) , Melala dna in Gayo .

 Sources : http://manik.web.id/2008/06/21/asal-usul-si-raja-batak.html
Batak peoples themselves , in addition to being stranded in the Philippines , most terdampat in the Andaman Islands ( now part of India ) and Andalas in three waves .

The first landed in Nias , Mentawai , Siberut Island and up to Enggano . The second wave was stranded at Simpang River estuary . They then move into rural Andalas Island Simpang Kiri down the river and began to establish a place in Kotacane . This community grow and create its own identity called Batak Gayo . They were down the river to form Community Right Simpang Batak Alas and Pakpak . Batak Alas Gayo and then inserted into the map Dutch Aceh . Mainstream of Batak tribe landed in Sorkam estuary . They then moved inland , the hills . Pakkat passes , Dolok bun , and plateau Tele reach the West Coast of Lake Toba . They then established the first settlement in Pusuk Buhit in Sianjur Sagala Limbong Pangururan Mulana across town now . Buhit Pusuk myth is created .
- See more at : http://simbolonbermanhot.blogspot.com/2013/07/sejarah-suku-batak_21.html # sthash.v7SeZM7B.dpuf

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Batak History

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