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45 Ways to Promote Blog and Web

Posted by Berman HS Thursday, September 19, 2013 0 komentar

1 . Up blog to Technorati 

2 . Submit to search engines like Google , Yahoo , MSN , and so on . 
3 . Ping , ping use this website to help you :- Pingomatic- Pingqueu- Feedburner- Bloglines- Blogsearch Google 
4 . Use the Technorati tag generator to create tags 
5 . Register your website at Digg 
6 . Submit your blog to social bookmarking- Reddit- Netscape- del.icio.us- StumbleUpon . 
7 . Create Feeds at Feedburner . 
8 . Often make comments on the web or other blogs on the web content / blog and do not forget to leave a trace of a web address / blog. 
9 . Reply comments are submitted every visitor on your website / blog 
10 . Use link exchange methods ( link exchange ) 
11 . Do not post articles to your preferred on the weekends , because some givers stats ( like Technorati , etc. ) do not update their performance at the weekend . 
12 . Create a link from your post that are related to your most recent post ( related post ) 
13 . Use memetracker to find the hottest topics being discussed at this time . Some memetracker include :- Memeorandum- Techmeme 
14 . Occasionally do blog reviews about web others , ordinary web owners will be happy and able to give a link to your website that discusses the topic . 
15 . Create an account community in Mybloglog .. This Mybloglog is like Myspace , but Mybloglog in dedicated for bloggers to share , search for friends etc. . 
16 . Before you post your article , read and edit carefully not to get the wrong grammar (use spell- check ) . Also make sure you use the language easy to understand . 
17 . If you know of a good walk- throughs , can you share with your visitors , and this is a separate point that you can be . 
18 . Do not be lazy to update the content of your website , so that visitors do not get bored blog 
19 . Submit your articles to article websites such as container : Article Dashboard , Goarticles , and their regular ArticleCity mengijin right you put your website link in the article that you submit 
20 . Review about a product on other websites such as Epinions with this you could be known as a great writer if your nice review . 
21 . Tell everyone you know about your posts that relate to what they are looking for . 
22 . Do a copy of the land or in the real world to meet fellow bloggers , usually masing2 city has a community of bloggers . 
23 . Conduct interviews with other bloggers , bloggers would be happy about this , and publish the results of the interview to your website , you certainly will get a link from the blogger that you interviewed . 
24 . Join and be active in online discussion forums and other similar 
25 . Answer these questions if you know the answer to someone who asked , the usual proposed asked on a special website such as Yahoo! Answers 
26 . Submit to free web directories like DMOZ , BOTW 
27 . Was occasionally make controversial article 
28 . Create a page on Wikipedia was on your own . 
29 . Create a page on Squidoo about you 
30 . Visit the sites that ask for donations to charity , give donations and seikhlas as much as you give , use the address of your website as your address , your status will be regular link installed as a contributor . 
31 . Give some space for free advertising on your Website .
 32 . Create a free blog was like blogspot , and attach the link to the blog that refers to your main website . 
33 . If you are adept at making blog templates like blogspot , wordpress etc. , share your templates free to download and use , enter your website address in the template , so everyone put on your template , your link is installed on all the blog article . 
34 . If you have more funds try to join in a program like ReviewMe , Pay Per Post , etc. as an advertiser , and let the bloggers work to put up and write about your blog 
35 . Hold a contest with prizes that bloggers write about your website . 
36 . Submit to Google webmasters tool and sitemap 
37 . If you have money you can promote your blog through your facebook fanspage advertise on facebook . 
38 . Promote through youtube , you make an interesting vidio vidio then in the end make the address of your blog.

 Examples ! 

But to make a vidio like this should have sofwer ! Message Sofwernya now Here ! 

39 . Through promoting Stickers , make a sticker that reads your blog address . Can you paste in the home , in the honda , or in your car . 
40 . Promoting through sablonan shirt , with caraini not hurt you to make the clothes menyablon with your blog's address . Can you make clothes in front of or behind the clothes . 
41 . Expand your Facebook fanspage and copy the address of your blog into facebook fanspage you created . 
42 . Expand your blog , then connect to your main blog . 
43 . Connect your blog to your Facebook , meaning that your blog is on your facebok facebook and there in your blog . 
44 . If Got Money , promoting your blog through ads in the newspaper . 
45 . Expand your community on facebook and copy the address of your blog that you made to the community . 

Thanks for visiting ! so first my article this time . Wait for my next articles and if you have an idea how to promote a blog can be commented below .

45 Ways to Promote Blog and Web

Ditulis oleh Berman HS
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