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1 . SUCCESS OF FAITHMany people will be economically successful but failed in faith . 
2 . ECONOMIC SUCCESSEconomic success is often called a success or wealth . In this case we can not argue that wealth is a primary goal of human . People assume that after the rich then his life will be happy and appreciate all the people . 
3 . HEALTH SUCCESSIf we are rich , many treasures but it is not healthy then life would be in vain . Or health also can say the main thing in life . Can we imagine if we had a good job so the property was increased little by little became a lot , but one day an unexpected illness lodged in our bodies . So we seek treatment and medication to cure the disease but because the disease does not get well then we will run out of money little by little even to be indebted to others because of the disease .So keep your health starts early . Not one of us to prevent it from now on . 
4 . SUCCESS familyHaving faith is good , plus the economy is also improved last healthy again we will also keep our family means we have to keep harmony in the family , is responsible for our children , is responsible for his / our wife , and the family around us . It's us versus disease can not possibly be coming from the air , can come from food , can come from living things , can come from inanimate objects , and from anywhere . But here we are at least me minimalist disease .Many successful people will treasure , but did not succeed in a family that often end up quarreling and children became victims . Or often called failed in educating children .If I could conclude that a person who was said to be successful when good faith , sufficient economic , health is also controlled , and harmony in the family . When in which one needs to say ? in my opinion , all need . You included in the success which one? .

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