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Samosir regency is the result of the division of its parent Toba Samosir regency established by Act No. 36 of 2003 on the establishment of Samosir regency and Serdang regency in North Sumatra province , which was inaugurated on January 7, 2004 by the Minister of the Interior on behalf of the President of the Republic of Indonesia .
Samosir regency is is one of the districts in North Sumatra ( North Sumatra ) , located in the middle of Lake Toba . Samosir kabubaten livelihoods in general farming ( coffee , rice , beans , clover , corn , onions , cape , fruit -harbor , etc. ) , and livestock ( fish , chickens , bees , pigs , buffalo , ox , horse , etc. ) are by longer civil servants , entrepreneurs , artisans , workers attractions , and so forth .

Lately, the leadership of Mr. Mangindar Simbolon ( Regent Naidoo : 2007-2014 ) is more tourist objects in priority or can be said to be one of the district 's mission . Samosir . Many of the attractions in the district. Samosir which is neat , pleasing to the eye , and relaxes our brains , such as Tobanya lake , lake Sidihoni , Panatapan ( Penatapan ) , Aek sipitu dai ( water headed feeling ) , Tomb / Statue of Batak kings , Tano Ponggol ( Great Bridge towards samosir ) , Hotspring ( sulfur water from mountain pussuk puhit ) , white sand ( bathing place and take it easy ) , sculpture Sigale - gale ( gale Sigale statue is a sculpture made
​​of wood carved and decorated exactly like the person being manortor ( Batak dancing ) , if gondang ( Batak music ) tolled the statue will be in accordance with the rhythm manortor gondang ) , manihuruk monument , waterfalls , around the tuk - tuk , relics Batak kings , and much more . And the most visited by tourists from different regions and even from abroad , namely in Samosir regency birthday and on the day of Lake Toba Festival . Every once a year . Because here will be held in various exhibitions , drama , music , tortor , Batak songs .

However, many people who want to visit there think twice or hesitate because of many obstacles that away toward the District. Samosir so thinking of kendraan want to go there , thinking to stay there , thinking because it does not know the way there or the tourist attractions there , and other constraints .
For those who read this blog , you are very lucky because besides getting a little knowledge about the district. Samosir , you also will not get in trouble who want to plan an outing or a vacation to the District. Samosir because I am ready to help you as much as me ( show me the way , show tourist places , showing lodging, etc. ) .

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